About Us

towSearch — a joint effort by towPartners — is the leading source of towing service provider and roadside repair information. The towPartners groups provide benefits to the towing, recovery and roadside maintenance industry and currently has over 15,000 members. The members of these groups are listed as a part of towSearch.com for free. This search tool also includes the members of many state associations as well as the Towing and Recovery Association of America.

How It Works

towSearch is designed to allow trucking fleet managers, consumers, municipal agencies, motor clubs, and auto repair businesses to locate towing and road service providers who offer the specific services they need. The services offered by each member company are updated by the members as a part of their member profiles for towPartners and include the types of services each member offers.

10% Discount

The towSearch tool also offers a 10% discount on service from over 2,000 of our members nationwide. For any towSearch user who selects a participating member company for the first time, the company will extend a 10% service discount. These participating providers can be found by looking for the green 10% off icon next to their listings in the towSearch results.

About towPartners

towPartners work together to improve vendor relationships and to increase the bottom line for towing and road service providers nationwide. The program provides great value and service to towing and road service companies of all sizes and to those employed in the industry. towPartners has already saved its members over $80,000,000 and is on track to deliver even greater savings. To learn how you can take advantage of these benefits, visit towPartners.